Dogus Derya

In the Women in Social Peace podcast series, we tried to examine of women’s existence in peace processes, their effects, experiences, and observations on these issues.

In this program, we talked with Doğuş Derya . She explained how she struggle to  exist in the parliament with her  feminist identity and the work of the Gender Technical Committee during the Cyprus negotiations. Derya shared her experiences and observations on the participation of women and local people in peace processes through the Gender Technical Committee. During our talk we tried to underline the importance of the hope and struggle during the peace building process which is a long journey.

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Guest: Doğuş Derya

Moderators: Dilan Kaya, Dilara Gök

Podcast Recording and Editing: Podfresh 

Content Team: Dilan Kaya, Dilara Gök, Tunç Karaçay