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Women in Social Peace Project aims to support women from the perspective of conflict transformation and peacebuilding, through training and podcasts, and aims to contribute to the empowerment of women in their coexistence and dialogue development processes. In addition to Conflict Transformation and Peace Building Trainings, this project aims to benefit from the experiences and stories of women mediators from Turkey and the world through podcasts which will be accessible in different languages with the help of subtitles.

The project, which aims to make a small contribution to increasing the awareness of the stories of women who have been working in this field, is expected to contribute to social peace and dialogue in the long term.

The Women in Social Peace project team, Dilan Kaya, Dilara Gök, Pınar Çetin, and Tunç Karaçay, has been working on conflict resolution, peacebuilding, women’s rights, and participation with different civil society organizations in Turkey for a long time. The team works on empowerment and awareness activities, develops and implements training with different groups on the peaceful resolution of social conflicts in the long term.

Dilan Kaya

Content Developer & Podcast Coordinator

Dilara Gök

Project Manager & Trainer

Pınar Çetin

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Tunç Karaçay

Trainer & Content Developer

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